Internet Explorer & "Spartan"/"Edge" Cross Site Scripting Filter Bypass Proof-of-Concepts

All of the following Proof-of-Concepts are potentially vulnerable to a Cross Site Scripting injection via the "xss" parameter in the URL using the Internet Explorer (and "Spartan"/"Edge") browser (except for the "Exact Reflection" example).

Demos that only work pre-MS15-065 are marked as such.

Demos that only work pre-MS14-080 are marked as such.

An example external JavaScript file that will throw an alert() box is included for each demo.

If you wish to use your own external JavaScript file, each demo page has a tool that will properly encode its URL for you.

Not fixed

Fixed by MS15-065

Fixed by MS14-080

These should still work on Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9/10/11 browsers that have not been updated with MS14-080

Fixed by MS15-XXX

It might be MS15-022, or maybe MS15-026, or maybe MS15-033, or maybe MS15-036